Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Mobile: Part Two

The new mobile seems to be functioning quite satisfactorily, I am glad to report. When I received the charger - they're diminishing in size, too - one of the first tasks was to delete the previous owner's downloads, contacts, phone numbers etc.

I am not, altogether, keen on the choice of ring-tones; still, that's egalitarian progress for you.

The Ebay seller sent me a message last night, requesting that I send them their photos by text. This irritated me, because a week ago I sent them three messages urging them to contact me in order to sort things out; and I got no response from them.

I advised the seller that, if they did not get in touch, I'd give them negative feedback and they would not get their precious images.

I meant what I said.

So I replied to them immediately, informing them that, since I had not heard from them a week ago, I had deleted everything.

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