Saturday, 1 August 2009

Two Dongles

Choosing the appropriate dongle for mobile broadband is definitely not as straightforward as one would think. I've been considering pay-as-you go dongles from two mobile phone companies: one dongle from Vodafone which offers speeds up to 3.6Mb with virtually no expiry time limit; and costs £39.99 including a £15 top-up of 1GB.

The second dongle is from the Three company. It, too, boasts speeds of up to 3.6MB - in theory - and costs £19.99. A 1GB top-up costs £10, so the total cost would be £29.99. The big issue for me is that this expires in 30 days.

According to Ofcom's 3g coverage charts, Three currently commands considerably better coverage in Northern Ireland than Vodafone.

The snag for me is that I do not wish to be tied to a 30-day expiry time limit because I'm a light user.

Is there a solution?

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