Saturday, 22 August 2009

Scanning Complications

The staff at my local library are clearly as clueless as self, when it comes to scanning and transferring a document to an email address. I hasten to explain that they are all exceptionally helpful and agreeable, to the extent that one or two of them must have spent a fair percentage of the seventy minutes it took me to fulfil the task.

You'd reckon on it being relatively simple to scan, save and transfer a letter, wouldn't you? Not so in a public library, seemingly. For starters, you require a memory stick; then, having scanned the document - which is easy enough - you must endure a rigmarole which entails opening different programmes; opening one's email account; composing an email to oneself; searching for the new attachment; and finally sending it to yourself.

I got there, in the end. It takes up too much time, though. I found it slightly embarrassing to be running back and forward to library staff seeking help. In future I think I'll only use the library scanner in emergencies!


Unknown said...

You'd think they could provide a modern photocopier with built-in scan-to-email facility, which I enjoy using at my office (and scan to PDF too!).

Perhaps you'd be just as well with ordinary photocopies and scan at home (you can get a decent scanner for £50).

Timothy Belmont said...

Good point. I don't think I'd use the scanner much personally, though I've been at the one in the library to scan a few old photos and a letter.