Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Telephone

I have just won a bid on a mobile phone to replace my venerable - but ageing - Nokia 8310: my new mobile is to be a Nokia 2760. My aunt was given one of these as a birthday present and the little phone impressed me (given that I still have an 8310).

There were 22 bids. I won the final bid by a pound and bagged the phone for £29.01. The seller says it can be used with any SIM. I take them at their word; though I could always nip over to the chappie operating at In-Shops - or wherever - and throw a few quid at him to unlock it.

I'm an incorrigible Ebay sniper: I open two windows for the auction with my bid on one; and keep an eye on the auction on the other. Less than ten seconds before the end, I click and bid my final offer. Naturally it doesn't always work; however, like any auction, one decides on one's upper limit and bids.

The phone I have won has been "hardly used", which suits me fine because I hardly use mobiles! I regard them like insurance: a necessary evil. Of course they have their essential uses; mind you, I frequently forget to bring mine with me. I use it mainly for texting occasionally.

The new phone has a camera, which I think I shall find useful when I am out in the field with the NT volunteers. Must keep Lord Belmont happy with photographic contributions!

I see that they can be bought brand new from the Carphonewarehouse for about £45, locked to another operator.


Mick Stella said...

Whilst E-Bay Sniping may be exciting. There are times when it's not possible to do it manually. I have used for 3 years now and it has helped me win many an item. The latest being a Sky HD box just last night.

Happy Sniping!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ah ha! So you'll be watching a lot more HD progs. now.

We have Freesat HD which presently limits us to the BBC HD & ITV1.

I must say it was great being able to watch Wimbledon on HD.