Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hail Jamaica

The prowess of the Jamaican athletes on the track at the World Athletic Championships in Berlin has been truly astounding and awesome.

Jamaica has a population of 2,826,000.

I watched the 200 metres men's final this evening and the brilliant performance of Usain Bolt, breaking the world record easily, or so it seemed.

Jamaicans seem such cheerful, positive, friendly and sunny people. Their athletes are wonderful ambassadors for tourism!

As I write, Jamaica tops the medals table with five golds, two silver and two bronze. The USA is second. We, in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, are currently in sixth place with two gold medals and one bronze.

What sort of sports facilities does Jamaica have, to attain such admirable athletic achievements?

If there's anyone from Jamaica reading this, please do leave a message.


Anonymous said...

Track and field (particularly the sprints) are in the blood here. A long history of schools track and field championships (where the finals at the national stadium are better attended than any Reggae Boyz football match) and a well developed elite programme for sprinters at the University of Technology (UTECH) are central to the current success. And in stopping the drain of Jamaican athletes to the US colleges. A look at the bithplace of many former and current US track stars makes for interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

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Timothy Belmont said...

Anon 1,

Most illuminating.

Anon 2,

Greetings and compliments from Belfast and Northern Ireland!

Anonymous said...

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Timothy Belmont said...

Never touched the stuff, knowingly, in my life. Recommend it? :-)