Friday, 7 August 2009

The Intelligent Crow

Here is a fascinating tale about the ubiquitous rook, a member of the crow family. Aesop's 2,000 year-old fable was, indeed, true. Rooks may not be the handsomest of birds, nor the most attractive; though their intuitiveness and avian intellect is quite remarkable.


Anonymous said...

An interesting post. Such intelligent birds.

An excellent wildlife photographer/animal conservationist in British Columbia tells of seeing ravens lead a pack of wolves to the site of a dead animal. The ravens use the help of the wolves to tear open the kill so they can then feed. Here's a link on his website to some photos of ravens and wolves together:

Ravens are also known to steal fish from ice fishermen as this PBS video shows:

Timothy Belmont said...

They are remarkable birds.