Sunday, 30 August 2009

Breakfast Is Served

I've been trawling through the online Sunday Times this morning, as is my custom. It would seem that this habit of mine shan't last much longer if the Murdochs implement their great scheme for charging people like self. Sorry, chums, you won't get a penny from Lord Belmont.

The motoring section interests me today: an article about the Mini E and the new BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics.

Another piece about unhealthy cereals caught the noble eye, too. We do have cereals in the cupboard at home: a packet of Tesco Swiss-style muesli; Tesco crunchy oat cereal with tropical fruit (eh?); and Tesco Crunchy Nut cornflakes.

The big supermarkets all stopped selling one of my favourite cereals - Honey and Nut Bran Flakes - a few years ago; and, despite my pleas that they re-consider stocking it, they have done nothing, unsurprisingly, apart from the usual polite platitudes.

Our staple breakfast consists of good old tea and toast. I currently favour Twinings Everyday tea; and, as far as the toast is concerned, Hovis Seed Sensations and Irwin's Nutty Crust high-fibre plain bread have been consumed in the Belmont household for several years.

We enjoy our butter, particularly premium stuff from Jersey. Why don't Northern Ireland suppliers like Dromona, Fane Valley, Golden Cow and Ballyrashane make a premium country farmhouse product? We'd probably buy that, given the chance. The NI butters all seem to be "easy-spread": is that a euphemism for dilution? Speaking of which, do any of the farmers at St George's market in Belfast sell farmhouse butter or bacon?

Sunday is the one day of the week when we treat ourselves to tea and toast with good, very crispy bacon and, in my case, honey drizzled thereon!

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