Thursday, 6 August 2009

BT Fon

I've signed up to BT Fon, a conglomeration whereby members agree to share their Internet connection with others. It is totally secure and advantageous for those with access to mobile broadband. It means that I can theoretically use my netbook computer anywhere in Europe (including the UK) where there is a BT Openzone or Fon signal from other members' routers. Obviously there are conditions attached, viz. dependence on the strength of the signal in the vicinity.

I do not advocate roaming, or accessing the Internet on your computer outside the United Kingdom unless you are prepared to pay prohibitive costs in many cases. Some hotels do have wi-fi availability; just be careful. I'd need to check the BT Fon hotspots before I use my netbook.

I still have 250 wireless minutes of mobile broadband per month; and my cousin has alerted me to a new Orange mobile Internet deal whereby, in return for agreeing to an 18-month contract at £4.89 a month, Orange will supply a free dongle to existing customers and 500Mb 3g wi-fi per month - or 2g, if the signal is poor (as in Rathlin Island!).

£4.89 per month equates to £88.02 over eighteen months, which is not a bad deal for wi-fi. Orange has fairly good coverage - for 3g - in Northern Ireland; certainly better than a few of the others.

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