Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Nutty Addiction

I've always been fond of peanuts. Perhaps it ought to be called Compulsive Nut Disorder. I tend to go for the flavoured ones, my favourites being the honey-roasted variety.

Until quite recently I've bought the supermarket branded ones, often a mixture of cashews and peanuts; however, I find that their taste and quality varies if they change their suppliers.

Whilst on holiday I came across a make called Eagle and their honey roast peanuts have been my favourite for many years, invariably buying several packets for the suitcase to take home. They are practically impossible to find here in the UK. I've never seen them on the shelves.

About two months ago, however, I made a momentous discovery: KP Honey Roast Peanuts, which are sold in large 600g containers. They compare very well with the Eagle ones and, indeed, they are now my firm favourites. I know that because when I start nibbling away at them it's very hard to stop!

Most of the main supermarkets seem to stock them, so there's no further need for me to overload the luggage with nuts!

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