Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Salt Island Pond

We've enjoyed a glorious day on Salt island, near Killyleagh on Strangford Lough, County Down. I'd just left home when I realized that I'd forgotten to bring a banana, so I called into a Spar supermarket at Dundonald and bought a well ripened one (27p).

Craig met us at Killyleagh Yacht Club, where we embarked on the boat and sailed the ten minutes over to Salt Island. There were three others already there, so we totalled nine.

We spent most of the time excavating the Island's pond, which is on the Killyleagh side close to Brandy Bay. I am delighted that we managed to excavate and enlarge the original pond so much. The soil and mud we dug out was used to shore up new banks. We're hopeful that the pond will eventually become a little haven and attraction for wildlife.

We lunched outside the bothy and I munched my banana sandwich with a mug of tea.


Sandy said...

Is the "pond" an old well for people living on the island to draw water from?
If so why is it's overspill being enlarged as a pond?
Had many a nice picnic at brandy bay!

C.M. said...

Yes, we suspect that it was a well many years ago. But it has been used as a pond for watering livestock for several decades so no use to humans now. We thought it a much better idea to enlarge it and benefit the wildlife. Otters love it.

Timothy Belmont said...

Craig's answered that one! :-)

I unearthed an old, worn horse-shoe which is now in the bothy.

Anonymous said...

We spent a night on Salt Island a couple of weeks ago in the bothy - what a great experience! It was the first night of the Perseid meteor shower, sp the lack of light pollution made for a great view.
We walked round the island but I can't work out where the pond is - is it near the soil toilet? (which wouldn't make sense to me!).
ps my first night on Strangford since 1981 after I finished my A levels