Friday, 24 September 2010

BBC Confusion

The BBC has stated that "The threat level to Britain from Irish-related terrorism has been raised from moderate to substantial".

Of course the BBC's terminology, in line with Irish Nationalists, defines "Britain" as the mainland of Great Britain.

Whereas in most instances the term, Britain, is merely "short-hand" for the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland, like Scotland, England and Wales, is an integral part of Britain, or the UK. So the BBC and, in particular, certain demi-literate individuals working in BBC Northern Ireland, doubtless accorded a Degree at some institution calling itself a university, ought to be more accurate and less loose with their terminology.

Mr Martin needs to understand that Northern Ireland is analogous with the term, Britain:- "BBC Belfast correspondent Andy Martin said: "There is no indication that there is a specific target or indeed that there is capability of dissident republicans to mount an attack, but there is no doubt a desire to mount an attack on Britain."


Keith Ruffles said...

Something to ponder: what's the official name of the UK again?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm not sure if you're right on this one, Tim; the UK of Great Britain and NI. Gt Britain was formed with the Act of Union with Scotland 1707, and the UK with Gt Britain joining Ireland in 1801. You know all that, of course.


Timothy Belmont said...

Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is England Scotland and Wales.

That's what I've always believed!

Sandy said...

Great Britain derives from the Norman "Grande Bretagne", i. e. "big Brittany", after their conquest. It could include Ireland, as parts of it were conquered too.
Nothing to do with greatness, just being bigger than their homeland!

We have a confused sense of identity.
I would define Britain as the mainland, yet call myself British.

Anonymous said...

this should settle things:

Timothy Belmont said...

Quite. I enjoyed that; though the term "Britain" isn't mentioned and I interpret it as being short-hand for the United Kingdom, not Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

Where was the photo on your blogspot taken?

Timothy Belmont said...

The tropical one? Ha ha! It was taken several (!) years ago whilst on the hols at an apartment in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.