Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Genuine Pasties

Well I ventured into central Belfast this morning in order to undertake a little research at the wonderful Linen Hall Library. Belfast itself seemed subdued, perhaps largely due to the Arctic weather.

Janice, you were quite right. Alden's in the City, of Callender Street, is indeed closed down. Perhaps they found sparse trade in the evenings.

I passed the new extension to the Merchant Hotel, the main entrance of which is now at Skipper Street. Round the corner, at High Street, they have a jazz club called Bert's Bar which looks intriguing. Has anyone tried it yet?

One purpose of my detour was to visit the Cornish Pasty Trading Company at 20, Church Lane. I wished to try one of their traditional Cornish pasties. I was a little early when I arrived because the food was still being baked in the oven (hey-ho Mrs Lovett!).

I returned at eleven-fifteen and bought a pasty literally straight from the oven. This cost £2.80. I shall eat it this evening with onion mash and a vegetable.


Gerry Snape said...

Of course I've tried the new Merchant. Fantastic and a great new young chef in charge.

Anonymous said...

lol aw Sweetie, dont worry about who was right xx lol We might try the jazz bar the next time I'm down? lol I can then see if its as good as the Green Park Brassiere, Bath lol xxx
MMMM cornish pasty!

Timothy Belmont said...

That's what I thought, J, we could try it. Wonder if they know about Brandy Alexanders!

Anonymous said...

ummmm well if they don't its not the bar for us heehee xx ummm I wonder if i could make my glasses into two heeehee lol just teasing x
J. xx

Timothy Belmont said...

You naughty girl :-)

Irishlad said...

less of the tete a tete you naughty boy.