Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another Dilemma

Business seemed to be very quiet in Belfast today. I had the Mini 9 netbook with me and spent about half an hour in the Linenhall Library, that esteemed seat of learning at Donegall Square North.

Thence I paid a visit to Lunn's, jewellers, at Queen's Arcade. They know how to treat their customers, swiftly bringing me a cup of coffee and a little biscuit while I waited.

I've been agonizing over a particular matter relating to the Dowager - who keeps telling me Don't do it! So I have prevaricated for the fifth time.

My next stop was Ross's auction-house, where I talked the matter over with Daniel Clarke, reminiscing about Brackenber House, John Craig et al. I was so fond of that place; the annual dinner takes place at the Europa Hotel tomorrow evening, by the way.


Anonymous said...

So will you attend the BHS do tomorrow night? I had hoped to make it, but work intervened to scupper this trip over to NI.
Certainly I hope it is a success.

Timothy Belmont said...

Yes, as a First-timer!

...modest snifter, or two, in the Piano Bar; thence wheeled on to the elevator and Number Twelve button depressed. ;-)