Saturday, 12 February 2011

Brackenber Dinner


I had a wonderful evening at the Europa Hotel, Belfast, this evening. I took a taxi to the hotel from my house at about six o'clock.

Having had a modest restorative at the Piano Bar on the first floor, one of the most civilized places to have an aperitif in the City of Belfast, I entered the elevator and rose to the twelfth floor, where the Penthouse Suite is situated.

On entering, I was greeted by my old school pal, Howard Hastings, and Gordon Harvey. We chatted for a while, before I made for the bar and ordered another snifter, which was on the house.

I had a marvellous evening. How wonderful to meet so many old pals and Brackenbrians. Brian, Lord Hutton was there; and Judge McKee.

I had a lengthy chat with Howard Hastings (we were pals at Brackenber); and Michael Pierce, Patrick Lowry and Patrick Cross.

The dinner was very good indeed: The soup was delicious; as was the beef. I've posted the menu. It was just so marvellous to meet so many old chums; and it is so important to keep Brackenber's memory alive, one feels.

I sincerely hope that we can meet again during the summer months.

A huge Thank You to Howard, Gordon and the staff for ensuring that the evening was so memorable.


Anonymous said...

sounds like all the trepidations of meeting old pals etc. was out of the window the moment you arrived x glad you had a good time... x J x

Timothy Belmont said...

I'll be posting photos tomorrow!