Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Splendid Tiff

Richard Kay, columnist at the Daily Mail, has reported an incident between the BBC's Business Editor, the Hon Robert Peston, and Eddie Mair of the PM Show:-

Another clash between the BBC’s self-regarding business editor Robert Peston and Eddie Mair of Radio 4’s PM show.

Their spat last night began with Mair saying: ‘Although I argued vociferously against it, our business editor Robert Peston is here.’ Later, Peston notes: ‘I’m sorry you’re still reluctant to have me on the show. I mean, well, I thought that went all right didn’t it? Did it leave you with a bad feeling?’

Mair responds: ‘To be honest, it’s over. Would you mind going?’

He then introduces Lord Oakeshott, who complains that Peston ‘went on and on’. Mair: ‘You have to excuse me. I’m having a feud with him.’


Anonymous said...

Robert Peston can be very irritating. You almost feel like ending his sentences for him. In his favour, he does seem to know what he's talking about. He is much easier to listen to on radio, where he does tend to speed up a bit.

Timothy Belmont said...

If he were more of a "celebrity" he's be fine fodder for Rory Bremner or some such impersonator!

Anonymous said...

I would put Tony Robinson in the same category!