Friday, 4 February 2011

The King's Speech

Well I finally went to see the film, The King's Speech, this evening; and very well done it was, too, I thought. Curiously enough, I actually found parts of the film quite poignant. Colin Firth played the role well and generated a fair degree of sympathy for the King's innate affliction, a form of shyness.

I do agree, having viewed the film, that His late Majesty King GEORGE VI bore the heavy burden of kingship with immense fortitude; not forgetting the equally great support of Queen Elizabeth.

I think I spotted the sky-blue ribbon of the Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick on the King's uniform, which would be historically correct, since His late Majesty was a Royal Knight - probably the last.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it, but thought it might be dull.

I found a copy of Sir John Ross's biography here - 'Pilgrim Scrip' - you may be interested in his baronetcy (Dunmoyle, Co. Tyrone). The family lived near Sixmilecross.


Timothy Belmont said...

I thought it might have been a bit dull, too; though, as it transpired, I quite enjoyed it.

The chap who helped HM and his stammer got a CVO.

I have overlooked the Ross Baronets and now I shall do an article about them, thanks to you, W! If I overlook any more, please let me know.

Irishlad said...

You may find this interesting re: The King's Speech: 1. The plane that landed at the Sandringham Estate in 1936 wasn't built until 1941.2.The correct name of Princess Margaret the second child The Duke and Duchess of York was "Princess Margaret Rose" she wasn't known as Princess Margaret until adulthood.

Anonymous said...

It was truly a marvelous film. I didn't know what to expect and anticipated it might be well acted but rather ho hum. We actually found it to be riveting! The empathy felt for the King and his interaction with his therapist were fantastic. It is well worth seeing. Barb