Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Murine Sting

The scratching noise above the Belmont sitting-room has persisted; and my suspicion that it is a mouse has been confirmed.

A pest controller from the Council called recently and advised that baits and traps be laid; and gaps filled with expanding foam.

This has already been done and, this morning, when I was in the garage, I spotted the culprit! A little mouse.

It managed to run into the gap before I plugged it; and later in the morning I could actually see its feet endeavouring to burrow through the expanded foam.

Decisive action has been taken and the poor little creature really ought to vacate the Belmont Household forthwith, or face the inevitable consequences.

I was roused from the slumber this morning, having had to endure that most excellent master Blusterer-in-Chief, the Right Honourable the Lord Prescott PC. Gawd help us, what an odious man; cannot the BBC simply ignore him and invite a more civil - no, civilized - personage on to the airwaves?


Anonymous said...

Tim, do the Council pay for this 'pest control'? We invariably have one pest or another, but it's a bother to deal with - they'll leave come spring anyway!


Sandy said...

A very common way for mice to enter is up the gap (and there commonly is one) where the water supply pipe enters the house. Worth checking.
John Prescott....what an utter waste of air. Words fail me.

Timothy Belmont said...

Well, W the citizenry, aka ratepayers - pay for it! They leave a humane trap and are meant to revisit a couple of weeks later.

Dreadful character Preccott, Sandy, isn't he?

Mark Rivers said...

Sir, I as an exiled Ulsterman living in Africa for long periods of the year I am facing a similar problem dealing with the odd mouse - I have found the secret to be a Mars bar - or a small portion thereof. It has proved most satisfactory when used in conjunction with the trap of your choice. My security guard's eyes always light up in the morning when I exit the villa with the ensnared rodent. He insists in taking care of the disposal of the mouse himself - I sometimes wonder if it isn't part of his 5 a day given his enthusiasm.

Timothy Belmont said...

It could well be! I've also heard that some swear by peanut butter!