Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dirty Duck Night!

I met my aunt and Pat at the Coffee Yard Cafeteria in Holywood, County Down, this morning. I managed to find a parking space at the dental surgery nearby. The others were slightly detained, so I went in to the cafe on my own, ordered an Americano coffee and a fruit scone with butter, and found a table.

The coffee and scones are good here. Personally I still enjoy the Bay Tree, though the others prefer the Coffee Yard.

This evening I took the train to Holywood, County Down, where I met up with Big Pete and we walked to the Dirty Duck Ale House.

At the Dirty Duck there were several Rugby football supporters frequenting the bar tonight; still, no matter, we eventually found a place behind the bar and imbibed for the duration.

Nosh this evening consisted of cod-fish and chips for Big Pete; and the Gourmet Burger with all the trimmings for self. Yum yum! The noble feed-bag overfloweth.

As usual the train trundled along the track at about ten forty-six and we jumped on.


Anonymous said...

I love that.

Irishlad said...

Called into the Baytree with Mother last night for an early evening meal (around 6.45)even then there was quite a few in!We had just finished shopping in Tesco Knocknagoney and it's true what they say,"never shop on an empty stomach". Anyway Mum had the seafood chowder,which was really a starter, and i had pan-fried haddock on a bed of creamy champ. Both were very good and the bill came to a very reasonable £18.80 excluding tip. I thought this very good considering the quality of the food,even more so,that there was an exorbitant £3.60 for two small Cokes in the price.It must be a fact that licensed premises make more from soft drink than alcoholic beverages!

Timothy Belmont said...

I have a high regard for the Bay Tree. I've had the haddock champ, I think, and isn't it perhaps a kind of "signature dish", it's featured for so long.

It's ages since I've been into the BT and I'm glad it's still thriving.

Anonymous said...

Was the waitress you salivated over last time you were in the DD still there?
Sammy Mehaffey

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Sammy. Ha ha! Indeed she was. Slight "accent": Skandinavian or eastern European?