Monday, 7 February 2011

The Big Boot!

Now there's a jolly good idea. Why didn't Timothy Belmont ever consider that? What with all the admirers and followers flocking to self like an industrial magnet.

Follow Prince Harry's example, I hear you clamour, and jump into the boot of a Jaguar car - or, for something more commodious, a Bentley - in order to elude the masses.

The former couple were reportedly driven away from private members club Beaufort House in the boot of a Jaguar at 4am.

Luggage was cleared to the front seat of the chauffeur driven car before security staff helped HRH and Miss Chelsy Davy into the boot, according to The Sun.


Anonymous said...

lol did you mention Bentley because of my pops car? lol made me smile I'm driving it tomorrow lol the range rover is in for service (so wish me luck heehee xx lol not the first time i driven it teehee xx)speak tomorrow big hug. Lady J.

Timothy Belmont said...

That's the one. ;-)