Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Duck's Lamb

Northern Ireland Railway's choo-choo train was punctual this evening and I found a pretty Blonde conductor irresistible so offered her the £1.60 on the journey back to Sydenham halt at ten forty-five this evening.

BP and self spent the evening at the DD in Holywood, and very satisfactory it was, too.

We had to wait, as usual, for a table; however, eventually we got one beside the fire-place at the front of the bar downstairs.

We ordered food, which was delicious: I had the slow-cooked lamb shank with pesto mash, carrot and parsnip and the meat literally fell off the bone. It was sumptuous, with an abundance of lean meat.

BP treated himself to the sirloin steak- medium- accompanied by chips and French-fried onions. BP pronounced the steak very good indeed: pinkish in the middle; tender; flavourful; very lean. What more can one say?

The evening at the DD cost us about £60, which included at least six rounds, Bombay Sapphire gins and ale.

A lively band began playing after ten, including a saxophonist and a trumpeter; and they were good. However, we were compelled to vacate the premises owing to the last train at ten forty-six or thereabouts.


Anonymous said...

naughty! lol I shall have to catch this train the next time lol xx glad to hear the food was good.... I will have to come with you and drive, so that you can enjoy the full evening including the whole of the music ting x BP can have a chauffeur for the evening x glad you had what sounds to be a lovely evening x J. x

Timothy Belmont said...

...and there was a terrific band last night; wish I'd caught its name.

Anonymous said...

I was there on the very same night and also enjoyed sirloin steak. I have previously enjoyed the Lamb Shank also. It's my favourite pub, can't get enough of the DD.

Great blog also! :)

Timothy Belmont said...


Accost me and say Hello next time you see me! Many thanks re the comments.