Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Little Sage

I have to profess that I have a considerable amount of admiration for the late Right Honourable Alan Clark MP (d 1999) and his father Kenneth, Lord Clark (d 1983), who has been appearing on television narrating his landmark series, Civilisation.

Lord Clark always wears the same - or similar - outfit on the programme, which includes a light green shirt.

I don't possess a green shirt, so I had a look at Marks and Spencer's website and, Hey Presto! they sell "pure cotton herringbone twill" shirts in a colour they call sage.

Rather impulsively, I made a beeline for the store and bagged the shirt.

I have a green check suit I purchased in Aquascutum of Regent Street, London, about ten years ago and the sage shirt, dark blue tie and suede shoes would go well with it.

I'll be writing a bit about Lord Clark, Civilisation, Back Fire and his son next week.

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