Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Think Zinc!

The sun shone and my goldfinches were of good heart this morning, so Timothy Belmont ventured into central Belfast, armed with the Mini 9.

My first port-of-call was Boots the Chemist, where I sought a bottle of zinc tablets. They are sold in ten milligram doses, one a day; thence over to Marks and Spencer's for two pairs of extra long thermal woollen socks.

I heard on the BBC Radio Four news bulletin this morning, and also reported in the Daily Telegraph, that Zinc appears to have been reaffirmed as the most favoured preventative supplement for the common cold. Who am I to argue with them?

At noon, I ambled into Caffè Nero at Fountain Street, ordered a chicken-and-stuffing sandwich, an Americano coffee and sat down on a leather armchair. The interior prospect can be seen from the picture at the top; and the Cairns' arms are to be seen on the screen!


Anonymous said...

Have you discovered the secrets of time travel, as your blog about what you did at noon was posted at 9.59 this morning?

Mark Rivers said...

Sir, A fine trilby, My wife won't allow me to wear mine...well not in her presence anyway.

If you want to get ahead a hat, I suppose..Well at least in Africa i can wear my pith helmet and safari jacket and matching shorts with impunity

Timothy Belmont said...

I was waiting for someone to notice that!

I drafted out an article about zinc at breakfast time; went into town; came back and decided to add more stuff with the picture.

Full marks for observation, though!

Timothy Belmont said...

I ordered the trilby from Lock's, hatters, about 5 years ago.

john leneghan said...

hi, did you know that your latest blog title THINK ZINC is a track by the late great MARC BOLAN and you can find the track on the T.REX album BOLANS ZIP GUN.i just thought i would tell you that.
best wishes
john leneghan.