Friday, 4 February 2011

Retrospective Reunion

I motored along the motorway to Sprucefield yesterday morning, en route for a prearranged lunch with an old work colleague of mine whom I hadn't seen for over a year.

Ozzie lives at Annahilt in County Down and we met in Hillsborough for lunch at the Plough Inn's Bar Retro.

Earlier I had called at Marks and Spencer a few miles away. That road approaching the village of Hillsborough is an utter disgrace, worse than a cart track. Hurry up, Roads Disservice. Get it repaired!

Before Ozzie arrived, I popped over to the elaborate gates of Hillsborough Castle and photographed the Richardson coat-of-arms thereon. Might I gently suggest a good good measure of gilding or gold leaf on the details? That would make the gates outstanding. Have a look at Buckingham Palace!

Thence I paid the old court-house a visit and chatted to the lovely receptionists for fifteen minutes; where one of them suggested that I could make an appointment to see a "Go For It" business start-up programme mentor re the blog. You never know!

Ozzie told me a bit about his church at Annahilt which is about 350 years old. How interesting. We resolved to meet again during the summer for lunch at the Pheasant followed by a trip to the Church and its old graveyard.

At twelve-thirty I met Ozzie and we were seated at Table Seven. It was quite busy with a relaxed, modern ambiance. Personally I prefer the more traditional Old-World bar at the rear; still, we took advantage of the "Lunch for a Tenner" offer.

This was good: There was a choice of about four main courses and two puddings; and whilst Ozzie got stuck in to his burger, fries and trimmings, I donned the feed-bag for the chicken and mushroom pasta, which I did like.

It wasn't an enormous helping, which was fine; a large chicken breast, large mushroom slices, Parmesan cheese and pasta somewhat akin to penne.

We both enjoyed the pudding, an apple and cinnamon crumble with whipped cream.

So the bill for two came to £24, £20 for the meals and £4 for two fizzy apple drinks.

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