Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Legging It To Millett's

I had some difficulty parking in Belfast city centre this morning; not unusual as I trawled up May Street, Upper Arthur Street, Montgomery Street and, in the event, managed to get parked in Adelaide Street.

The Dowager waited in the car while I made a beeline for the outdoor store, Millett's. Last Saturday morning my trousers were utterly saturated whilst working at Minnowburn. Some of the others had over-trousers or leggings, and I resolved to invest in a pair.

Millett's had a fair selection of men's, women's and kids. Sometimes I can get away with boys' thirteen year-old trousers, so I tried on a pair of waterproof, dark blue ones. Perfect fit and the right length too so, I tried to get them to reduce the price. They wouldn't budge (wish Dom Littlewood was there!), so I forked out the £14.99 and happily walked back to the two-seater.

Job well done, as they say.

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