Thursday, 5 June 2008

M&S Fine Sandwich Selection

It has to be said that Marks & Spencer's M&S's flagship Belfast store has a fine selection of sandwiches; much superior to, say, the large Tesco store at Knocknagoney outside Belfast. If I'm ever buying sandwiches, I usually nip in to Tesco's for their cheese-and-onion variety. However, I'm thinking ahead to a night at the opera on the nineteenth of June.

I'm definitely tempted to visit Marks-and-Sparks that day to choose from an excellent selection of top-notch sandwiches, like smoked salmon with various fillings and others. Obviously they all make big profits by selling a sandwich for £2.50 or more, bearing in mind that two slices of bread costs them a mere, few pence. I'd be curious to know what the mark-up is.

I haven't decided, yet, whether to bring a simple helping of fresh raspberries and cream to the opera evening; or some sort of trifle or fancy pastry.

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