Thursday, 22 October 2009

Fuerteventura: Day 12

The island experienced its first rain yesterday for a while. I was lying on the beach at El Cotillo when the very first drops descended. It lasted for about two hours. I had nowhere to shelter, so took refuge in a "portaloo"!

I have deliberately been walking in my bare feet throughout this holiday, even on the streets, tarmac and pavements. I am convinced that this regime is most beneficial, in so far as it is a contributary factor in toughening up decades of feet softened with socks and footwear. I know how effective this is because, every evening I shower, the dead skin is removed from the soles of my feet.

Other blemishes become apparent too, viz. a tiny verucca I never knew existed! My trusty old feet are now rejuvenated!

I have finished reading the Alan Clark Diaries and am about to start The Code Of The Woosters. I noticed Tim Heald's name on the list of credits at the end of Diaries Into Politics, incidentally. TH runs the royal blog in the Daily Telegraph, which is listed on the left-hand column of my own blog. I must send him a message when I return; I'd no idea about this connection.

Interestingly, Sky News had a piece about electronic, digital "i-readers" or "e-readers" like Kindle earlier. I must call into Waterstone´s book-shop next week to have a look at them. My personal "litmus test" will be whether they have the Jeeves and Wooster series by P G Wodehouse; the Alan Clark Diaries; and Evelyn Waugh novels available.

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