Saturday, 31 October 2009

John Dory's Glory

My aunt called with us a few days ago and, to my astonishment, she proceeded to apprise me of the framed blog piece I wrote about John Dory's in March this year which adorns the walls of their chip-shops. I am delighted.

My warped sense of humour made me suggest that, the next time she is in Dory's, my aunt maintains a straight face and informs them that she is related to Lord Belmont. Ha!

Some may suspect that I receive preferential treatment - the odd free meal. No so. My profile, which declares that I am proud to be independent and without sponsors, remains true.

This means, my friends, that I generally speak from the heart and tell things as sincerely as is humanly possible. My integrity remains intact. I'd rather keep respectfully silent about some people or places than criticize them heavily.

Being Halloween, we "had the urge" for fish and chips, so I drove the shortish distance to John Dory's on the Holywood Road, Belfast. I invariably order one cod and chips (henceforth known as a cod supper in Ulster!), and one cod. This totalled £8.30.

I told the member of staff behind the counter that the blog was mine (no, I did not declare, in forthright terms, "I am Lord Belmont!"), but it didn't register with her. Perhaps I was not explicit enough. No matter.

What can I say? My review of March, 2009, still holds true. The supper was as enjoyable and flavoursome as ever.

Long live John Dory's! And, if you ever happen to peruse the framed commendations on the walls, mine is there as I write this article.

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Anonymous said...

hi you should try the new silver leaf chipshop on the belmont road under new management 2011, the cod is fried in light crisp batter and freshly cut chips, very good quality, you wont be disappointed! they always have good offers on also!