Thursday, 31 December 2009

Molly was Off-Colour

I popped into Molly's Yard today, en route to Belfast city centre. I'd assumed it was open so, when I darkened the threshold shortly after midday, the place was empty. Not one soul. A member of staff approached me and I inquired whether they were open. "Yes, we are". I settled myself at a seat opposite the bar, downstairs.

I was brought a menu and advised that the choice was limited; so, having had a look, I chose the gammon and champ, which was not what I'd have selected under normal circumstances. Still, I thought it would be fine.

The waitress left and returned almost immediately, "sorry, the gammon is off"; so I perused the menu again and tentatively asked for the stew which, it transpired, was available. I ordered it with a glass of sparkling water.

Frankly, I regret not having got up and left Molly's because they were obviously not "geared up" for their patrons at lunchtime; which makes me wonder why they opened at all. The waitress spent a fair bit of time on the phone to customers who had reserved tables this evening, so they are open tonight.

The stew - venison, I was told - was, I have to say, tasty; though it seemed to be a "hotch-potch" of soup vegetables and even a dollop of cranberry sauce atop! I settled up (£8.50) and left.

I still like Molly's Yard; I simply thought they weren't at their best today at lunchtime.

Later on, as I passed Alden's in the City, I noticed that they were doing a brisk trade; it seemed full.

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