Monday, 8 March 2010

Homage to Sir Charles

During my travels (mostly to the Linen Hall Library in Belfast) in search of information about the country houses of Northern Ireland, one author stands out among others, to my mind: The late Sir Charles Edward Bainbridge Brett CBE.

The Times wrote an informative obituary here.

Sir Charles had a true passion for our heritage, being one of the principal founders of the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society in 1957 with Dorinda, Lady Dunleath.

Furthermore, he was a most accomplished author and his publications included books about the buildings of Belfast, County Armagh, County Antrim and North County Down. Indeed, these books hold their value well, even on Amazon.

Regrettably I do not possess any of his volumes; instead, I refer to them in the library. However, I'd be tempted to acquire them!

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