Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ransomes Restoration

The weather has been so fine and sunny that I've taken the opportunity to do a spot of painting - dilettante, Belmont - and I have even felt sufficiently activated to restore the wonderful old Ransomes lawnmower: a certain shade of green, flame red for the blades, aluminium paint for other parts; that sort of thing, don't you know.

Tonight there is an official "launch" at Beatrice Kennedy's restaurant in Belfast, which I have been invited to.

I've been using the old bike more frequently, too, this week; amazing what a little good weather does, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

look forward to reading about your experience in the refurbished Beatrice Kennedys this week.It has always been a favourite .We loved the white table cloths and napkins in "old BT"-also good food and service.

Timothy Belmont said...

Well, it was a memorable evening! They hadn't the tables laid; the chairs were all arranged at the walls, so I didn't see what it'll be like on a regular night.

It seems to have been redecorated quite subtly.

We had tasty little morsels last night - canapes and sushi; all tastefully done, as you'd expect.