Monday, 13 June 2011

Flybe Puctuality

My flight back to Belfast City Airport from London Gatwick Airport with Flybe was delayed by about twenty minutes today, though they never mentioned it to passengers.

I continually watched the flight monitor at Gatwick and Flight BE966 went straight from "please wait" to "final boarding"; so we all trooped the longish walk from one part of the airport to Gate Five immediately.

My flight with Flybe five days ago was also delayed, by an hour. What is their punctuality record like from Belfast City to London Gatwick?

On arrival at Belfast City Airport, I walked out of the terminal to discover that my bike had disappeared! It had been removed by staff - the lock broken - and taken to a compound.

Someone has decided that they don't like cycles parked directly outside the entrance, despite it being all right five months ago.

There is a Cycle Park in the short stay car park, adjacent to the Sydenham By-Pass where the disabled section is, as I have now discovered!


Mad Mandy Moans said...

You are going to have to stop leaving that armed and dangerous two wheeler near uniformed idiots Tim. As for Flybe ... but not on time all I can say is it's time to get the kayak out and paddle across the pond.
By the by ... does anyone know you are in line to carry the torch to London ... keep training just in case. MMx

John Self said...

Exactly the same thing happened to me on a Flybe flight from Gatwick in February. I sat directly below the screens, checking them literally every 90 seconds or so, and it went straight from 'Please wait' to 'Final Call'. I can assure you that if any ground crew had tried to hurry me along on my way to the gate, they would have got a piece of my mind!

Timothy Belmont said...

Very bad practice, poor form.