Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sweeney's Armchairs

There is a pleasant little seating area directly outside Sweeney's bar at Portballintrae, County Antrim. The sturdy wooden armchairs boast sufficiently wide arms for a glass.

Regrettably there is only one brand of gin available at time of writing: Gordon's. It's not that Timothy Belmont is a Gin Snob; it's simply that I prefer to imbibe premium gin whenever I'm drinking out.


Anonymous said...

We have not heard good reports about Sweeneys.Have you eaten there?Hope you have a good break,

Timothy Belmont said...

Afraid not; just had a restorative outside!

Likewise: Awaiting feedback re standards of cuisine, service etc.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

What is wrong with Inns et al around Bushmills and The Port? One would expect at least Cork Dry Gin and Brandy Alexander's in the Causeway area. Gordon's has to be the worst gin ever ... it is like drinking perfume. I could make a better one myself. Hic!

Mad Mandy Moans said...

So you didn't burn your backside sunbathing otherwise you would have had to eat and drink standing up. :)

Timothy Belmont said...

Admit, MM: You distil illicit spirits at an unknown location in County Antrim; though your Brand is. as yet, unpatented. ;-)