Monday, 30 April 2012

BT Broadband Problem

I turned the main computer and hub on this morning, as usual, and my BT broadband connection appears to have conked out.

I have gone through the banal trouble-shooting process so, in the end, I phoned BT and was connected to a chap with an Indian accent which I found tricky to decipher.

I must have been on the blower to this geezer for about thirty minutes. Eventually he advised me that he was handing me over to their technical department.

They phoned me five minutes ago and asked me to unplug all my sockets while they investigate the issue (!).

We shall see. In the interim, I am using BT Fon from my netbook.


Anonymous said...

You say you turned on the hub this morning, don't you leave it on constantly?


Timothy Belmont said...

It hibernates from 12 midnight till 8am!

That isn't the problem because I've been doing that for years.

they tell me it's an exchange issue.