Friday, 13 April 2012

The Infamous Road Hump

I've had a fairly full and frank exchange of views - through my MLA - with the body which calls itself the Roads Service, about the benefits or otherwise of road humps, speed bumps, sleeping policemen - call them what you will.

I detest them. I make no apologies for that stance. I consider myself a largely law-abiding motorist. The two-seater has firmish suspension, hence I am in the habit of slowing right down at the aforesaid humps, to between 10-15 mph, despite the urban speed limit, which is technically 30 mph.

There would appear to be a cabal of senior civil servants, with the acquiescence of the Minister, presumably, who are utterly obsessed with the imposition of these ghastly obstructions. I wonder if these people have them directly outside their homes?

Somebody told me this morning that they are being removed from some parts of England.

Earlswood Road, off Belmont Road, named in honour of the ancient ancestor, the 1st Earl (!), had road humps a year ago; then they were removed and the road has been completely re-surfaced to a high standard.


I'm conducting a poll, to the left-hand side of the Blog, posing a simple question: Are You In Favour Of Road Humps?

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Sandy said...

I have noticed that where they have been built you never see speed cameras again. They must be a measure to save money for the police. On that basis they are good, for any other abhorrent!