Sunday, 30 September 2012

Gran Canaria: VIII

I revisited Dali's restaurant last night and sat at a little table outside, beside the window. The owner usually stands at the entrance to greet established and prospective patrons.

For the first course I ordered the "Playful" salad, more akin to a smoked salmon salad. They use balsamic vinegar as the salad dressing here.

Unfortunately the playful salad proved to be a meal in itself; I say Unfortunately because the nose-bag is not overly spacious.

It consisted of a dressed salad at the bottom of a kind of deep soup dish, with plentiful smoked salmon laid on top, with a tomato peeled like a rose.

The rim of the dish had orange slices.

I pronounced this to be delicious. During the interval, a party of six arrived and asked for a table. Wolfie looked round his tables and said Regrettably No. They talked for a minute. I immediately realised that I was sitting at a two-seat table, with two two-seat tables beside me.

I was about to suggest that I remove to another table when Wolfie approached and enquired if I'd do that very thing.

Chivalrous as always (!), I said Not At All; Think Nothing Of It, and got up.

The party of six were most appreciative ~ as was Wolfie ~ and thanked me effusively. They told Wolfie to offer me a drink.

Well, my main course subsequently arrived, Roulade of fresh salmon in a Vermouth sauce. It was served with salad and a bowl of fries.

This, too, was very good; though the old nose-bag was about to explode by this stage. Timothy Belmont was full as a ... Grandee of the First Class. Ha!.

Wolfie asked me what I'd like to drink. I was reluctant to have alcohol, though succumbed to a little carafe of red wine.

The bill was about €25. I left him a €5 note and departed.

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