Sunday, 30 September 2012

Gran Canaria: VIII+

I usually amble down to this pavement bar, Gio's, during the late afternoon in order to turn the netbook on, order a refreshing  restorative, and broadcast Lord Belmont's pearls of wisdom to the Globe.

I spent about four hours on the beach again today. I have been walking barefoot, holding on to the flip-flops.

One reason is that I wish to allow my toe blister to heal before I wear the Crocs again; another motive being that I am of the belief that walking barefoot toughens the soles of one's feet, thus eradicating years of hard skin.

It must improve the natural "foot-print", too. Our feet are spoiled by a lifetime of mollycoddling in comfortable footwear.

Being abroad in a hot climate affords a great opportunity to harden up the soles.

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