Sunday, 25 November 2012

Breakfast Cereals

The vast array of breakfast cereals currently available simply does not enthuse me at all. There appears to be a vast proliferation of every conceivable kind.

My preferred choice of breakfast ~ with the exception of a full, cooked British breakfast  ~ remains wholemeal buttered toast with home-made marmalade, honey or crispy bacon.

I like an Ulster speciality, the "plain" loaf, viz.  high-fibre Nutty Krust. This is a true Ulster-Scots tradition.

I had a fondness for honey and nut bran flakes, now no longer available in Northern Ireland. Apparently they are not sufficiently popular.

I like Alpen original muesli. though there are too many currants or hard raisins for my liking.

I feel that standard corn-flakes and honey nut corn-flakes lack nutritional value.

I have tried other cereals, though so far nothing has appealed to me.

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Anonymous said...

I would agree with m'lord. The cereals around now are not that exciting to eat. In saying that I have found a very good one that is pleasing on the palate. Its Called Whites Toasted Oats. I prefer the green packet with the Apple and Cinnamon crunch and I get it in Tescos