Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mid Island Day

About nine of us motored over, at low tide, to Mid Island today. Mid Island is on Strangford Lough, near Greyabbey, County Down.

The island has been associated with the Montgomerys of Grey Abbey; indeed, the cottage on the island is leased - or even owned - by the family.

The warden told us that one of the Montgomery children had a pre-wedding reception of some sort on the island a number of years ago.

Today we were clearing a thicket of heavy woodland. Two bonfires were lit and great progress was made.

As can be seen, Alan, slightly tongue-in-cheek, did not fell the fairy tree (!).

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Gerry Snape said...

had hoped to be at strangford this Saturday to see the opening of Rosie McClelland's exhibition at the Gallery in Castle Espie. I love the view from the walks in the grounds.