Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Cards

Beneath the Snow Encumbered Branches by Joseph Farquharson, 1901  

What rotten weather! I haven't ventured outside at all today, except to fetch a few logs.

It has been a most opportune time to get stuck in to the Christmas card list, viz. printing address labels, writing cards and all the usual paraphernalia.

I prefer traditional Christmas cards. The National Trust used to sell classic ones, with pictures of their country houses thereon, twenty or thirty winters ago; though now, alas, they appear to be contemporary.

I like pastoral scenes, too, like the card above which I bought in 2011.

Why, on earth, don't they make more use of their wonderful properties, by having them on cards?

I no longer purchase my cards from the Trust; though I'll certainly change my policy if they reintroduce country house cards. 

I cycled into town yesterday, dismounted at Fountain Street, and hand-delivered a card to the Lord Mayor at City Hall.

Thence, I made a bee-line for the Linenhall Library, where I researched the Nicholsons of Balrath Bury; the Knoxes of Creagh; and the Bennetts of Thomastown Park.

I have today moved my main computer and printer into a south-facing room upstairs ~ no more chill factor! That is the intention, at least.

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