Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Schoolhouse Bash

We had our informal Christmas party this afternoon at the Old Schoolhouse, the National Trust Strangford Lough Group's GHQ at Mount Stewart, County Down.

The former estate schoolhouse directly overlooks Strangford Lough; Portaferry Road is a mere several yards in front.

The Gothic style windows are mainly original, though there is secondary glazing.

There must have been about fifteen of us altogether.

Phil kindly brought a home-made game pie; Anna, delicious home-made ginger cake; while I brought some salad, coleslaw, mustard dip and cocktail sausages. Rosie and Nick brought vol-au-vents; while others supplied various nibbles.

There was plenty for all of us. Many of us were driving, so I stayed off the Devil's Brew.

After the grub, some of us retired to the sitting-room, where we had a natter.

I managed to fill two sacks of logs in the yard to bring home.

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