Saturday, 9 January 2021

Orangefield House: 1971

A former form master from Orangefield Boys Secondary School contacted a friend of mine recently to show a few 8mm films from 1971.

One of the films was made in the grounds of Orangefield House, then a burnt-out shell with a scrapyard of cars.

I am very grateful to Matt Maginnis for the use of these precious photographic relics, taken prior to the imminent demolition of Orangefield House, Knockbreda, Belfast.

I have written extensively about the Orangefield Park, once the home of the Blakiston-Houstons.

Dick BH sent me his father's reminiscences in 2015.

The Blakiston-Houstons owned over 5,000 acres of land in County Down ca 1870.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

The side elevation facing southwards, with its characteristic three-bay bow.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

Above, the entrance front, to the east.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

A closer view of the great columns at the entrance front.

© Matt Maginnis 2013

Finally, what was once the courtyard of a noble mansion house, used as a scrapyard.

Are the remains of the white car those of a Morris Minor?

First published in January, 2013.


Anonymous said...

Looks more like a Mark 9 Jaguar I think.

magillpeter said...

Matt taught me geography at Orangefield and field trips to the school outdoor centre in the Mournes were a real education - these photographs are another great contribution as the old house was a dominant presence during our schooldays.

Unknown said...

I remember the film made and shown to us by mister maguiness. The boy in the pictures is, I believe, Brian Smallwood who sadly passed away a few years ago. My name is Tommy Smith . if anyone remembers me it would be nice to hear from them

stinto said...

Smicker I’m sorry to hear about Brian I though that was you in the photos and it was a morris minor in the scrap yard ...David Fox FOXY introduced Colin Dunlop and I to the mayhem of Orangefeild house only miscreants hung out there face bake or email or message me William STINSON ..Paul Harkness Davy Henderson Ronnie Connolly and dinger bell are on face-bake

Unknown said...

The white car is, I think, an Austin A40 Somerset. The half moon shaped rear window suggests that. It could also be an A70, the Somerset's bigger sibling.