Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lodge Hotel: I

Timothy Belmont awoke from the ethereal slumber at eight this morning, about sixty miles away from Belmont GHQ.

I am in the fair county of Londonderry; at The Lodge Hotel, Coleraine, to be precise.

I am feeling moderately satisfied, having attached the heavy-duty, Number One nose-bag, Travel Class, for the big breakfast half an hour ago.

Having dined at the hotel last night, Lady A and self visited R at the Causeway Hospital ~ a hop, skip and jump from The Lodge, as it happens.

Thence we drove to Ballymoney, to a local hostelry, where I duly exercised the mighty Belmont vocal chords at a suitably late stage in the proceedings.

We took a cab back to our respective quarters thereafter.

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The Earl Bishop said...

Not far from my Diocese young Belmont, simply cross the river to the Parish of Kilowen and you are there.