Monday, 25 March 2013

Wodehouse in Exile

Although I'll be viewing Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise this evening on BBC2, I will be recording Wodehouse In Exile at 9pm on BBC4.

Wodehouse In Exile is set during the 2nd World War, focusing on how that distinguished author, Sir PG Wodehouse, came to face a charge of Treason that led to his exile from the United Kingdom.

I notice that the character Leonora Cazalet is played by Flora Montgomery, daughter of William Montgomery, of Grey Abbey House, County Down.


The Earl Bishop said...

My Lord,

Do you happen to know anything regarding the history of Belmont Presbyterian Church. It looks almost Anglican.

Timothy Belmont said...

My Lord Bishop,

Alas, I cannot immediately recall its history; though I believe that Sir Thomas McClure Bt, of Belmont House (now Campbell College) was its principal patron, as well as Belmont Primary School.