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White of White Hall


The family of WHITE, though long settled in Ulster, was of English extraction.

In the reign of CHARLES I, the family owned considerable property in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and they were seated at Hudson Hall.

During the English Civil War, they threw in their lot with the King, on whose behalf they raised and maintained, at their own expense, a troop of dragoons.

When the King's cause was lost, they were involved in its ruin; and one of the family, Fulke White, or Whyte, for so he spelt his name, took refuge in Ulster.
This Fulke settled, it would appear, in the town of Antrim, where he maintained himself for many years by "teaching a classical school"; but in 1687, being then a clergyman of the Presbyterian Church, he was invited by the Presbyterians of Broughshane, a village in the valley of the Braid, to become their minister.

THE REV FULKE WHITE, of White Hall, County Antrim, Minister of Broughshane, 1687, father of

THE REV JAMES WHITE (-1761), of White Hall, father of

JOHN WHITE (-1770), of White Hall, father of

JAMES WHITE, of White Hall, Deputy Governor of County Antrim, 1793, who had issue, two sons,
JOHN, his heir;
JAMES ROBERT, succeeded his brother.
Mr White died in 1804, and was succeeded by his elder son,

JOHN WHITE, of White Hall, High Sheriff of Antrim, 1845, who died in 1857, and was succeeded by his brother, 

JAMES ROBERT WHITE, of White Hall, Barrister, who wedded Frances, daughter of George Stuart, of Donaghey, County Tyrone, Surgeon-General of the Army in Ireland, and had issue,
GEORGE STUART, his heir;
John, CB (1902), of Innispollen, County Antrim;
Frances Avone; Jane.
His eldest son,

FIELD-MARSHAL SIR GEORGE STUART WHITE VC GCB OM GCSI GCMG GCIE GCVO (1835-1912), of White Hall, born at LOW ROCK CASTLE, Portstewart, County Londonderry, married, in 1874, Amelia Maria, daughter of Joseph Daly, at Bengal, India, and had issue,
JAMES ROBERT, his successor;
Rose Frances b 1876;
May Constance (1884-1937).
His only son, 

CAPTAIN JAMES ROBERT (Jack) WHITE DSO (1879-1946), of White Hall, had issue, 


First published in May, 2013.  


xxdfarre said...

Jack White's 'conversion' was slightly similar to that of the Irish writer Francis Stuart.

Sylvia McClintock Wright said...

Do you know where Victoria White of White Hall, Co. Antrim fits in?

She married Rev. Seth Drummond and they had a daughter Ann/Anne Drummond, 1720-? who married Samuel Delap (1724-1780) of Ramelton & Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Your site is so useful, many thanks for doing it, it must entail a lot of work.

Regards, Sylvia McClintock

Sylvia McClintock Wright said...

Further to my earlier comment:


Regards, Sylvia

Stewart 143035 said...

If a member of the White family or Whitehall near Broughshane ever has a Y-DNA test, his test results can be compared to the test results of other people who have the surname White, in order to determine whether or not they belong to the same White family.

The Duke Of Buccleuch has had a DNA test, so why not a descendant of Rev. Fulke WHITE too?

The ducal descendants of King Charles II and I belong to Haplogroup (Hg) R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a1d1a1 . We and all other (and only) descendants of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll test positive for SNP S781. More information about our Stewart family is at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Stuart/default.aspx .

Royal Stewarts belong to Celtic Hg R-M269 (R1b1a1a2, known previously as R1b1a2). Hamitic Pharaoh Tutankhamun (~1333 BC) did too, according to Swiss scientists who work at iGENEA (FTDNA's European affiliate).

The last common ancestor of the Duke, Pharoah Tutankamun and the Ouldémé (a Hamitic tribe that still lives in the part of the Sahel from which our Celtic ancestors migrated to the Fertile Crescent about 18,000 years ago) belonged to Hg R1b1a. The mutation known as SNP R-L754 first occurred in him (about 18,700 years ago), so all of his descendants (and only they) have that mutation. Ouldémé belong to the R1b1a1 branch of his descendants. Royal Stewarts belong to the Hg R1b1a2 branch.

Brian Curragh said...

Does anyone know if Whitehall is till held by the White family - if not, who are the current occupants?