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Price of Rhiwlas


The family of PRICE first became prominent through the favour shown by HENRY VII towards the great-grandfather of WYN AP CADWALADR, following his support at Bosworth.

This Wyn’s grandfather was a chaplain to HENRY VIII, and profited substantially from the dissolution of the religious house at Ysbyty Ifan.

Further lands, belonging formerly to the abbey of Strata Marcella in Montgomeryshire, were acquired by Wyn’s father.

WYN AP CADWALADR, of Rhiwlas, MP for Merioneth, 1559, High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1577, married Jane, daughter and heir of Thomas ap Robert, and had issue, three sons and six daughters, including

CADWALADR PRICE, of Rhiwlas, MP for Merioneth, 1584, High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1593, who espoused Catherine, daughter of Sir John Lloyd, of Bododris, Denbighshire, and had issue, two sons and two daughters.

His great-grandson,

WILLIAM PRICE (1619-91), of Rhiwlas, MP for Merioneth, 1640-44, colonel in the royal army, married Mary, daughter and co-heiress of David Holland, and was father of

JOHN PRICE (1644-85), who died without male issue, and was succeeded by his brother,

ROGER PRICE, High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1710, who wedded Martha, daughter of Robert, Viscount Bulkeley, of Baron Hill, and was father of 

WILLIAM PRICE (1690-1774), High Sheriff of Merioneth, 1731, Carnarvonshire, 1732, who espoused firstly, Mary, daughter of Price Devereux, 9th Viscount Hereford, and had issue,
Willam, dsp;
The younger son,

RICHARD PRICE (1720-75), MP for Beaumaris, 1754-68, married Mary, daughter and heir of Edward Thelwall, of Bathafarn Park, though the marriage was without issue.

Following his marriage, Mr Price assumed the additional surname of THELWALL.

Richard Price Thelwall had fathered an illegitimate son in London, who was known as

RICHARD TAVISTOCK WATKIN, alias RICHARD PRICE (1755-94), of Rhiwlas, High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1778, who wedded Eliza, eldest daughter of Richard Kenrick, and had issue,

RICHARD WATKIN PRICE (1780-1860), High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1845, who married Frances, daughter and heiress of John Lloyd, of Rhagad, near Corwen, and had issue,

RICHARD JOHN PRICE (1804-42), who wedded, in 1837, Charlotte, daughter of Edward Lloyd of Rhagad, and had issue,

RICHARD JOHN LLOYD PRICE JP DL (1843-1923), who inherited the Rhiwlas estate following the decease of his grandfather, Richard Watkin Price, in 1860.

He married, in 1869, Evelyn Gregge-Hopgood. and had issue,


Rhiwlas Hall (Image: Parks & Gardens)

RHIWLAS HALL, Bala, Merionethshire, was a large 19th century mansion which was demolished in the early 1950s.

The house, comprising three storeys, castellated with turrets, was rebuilt in the Gothic style in 1809 on the same site as previous dwellings.

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