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Ecclesville House


The surname of ECCLES was assumed, it is said, by the proprietors of the lands and barony of Eccles, Dumfriesshire, as early as the period when surnames became hereditary in Scotland.

A descendant of the old Scottish race of the name,

JOHN ECCLES, of Kildonan, Ayrshire, living in 1618, married Janet Cathcart, of the Carleton family, and had two sons, John and Gilbert; the elder of whom,

JOHN ECCLES, of Kildonan, a devoted royalist, continued the senior line of the family at Kildonan; while the younger,

GILBERT ECCLES (1602-94), of Shannock, County Fermanagh, High Sheriff of County Fermanagh, 1665, Tyrone, 1673, settled in Ulster during the reign of CHARLES II, and acquired large estates in the counties of Tyrone and Fermanagh.

Mr Eccles married and had issue,
Daniel, of Shannock;
CHARLES, of whom hereafter;
Joseph, of Rathmoran.
The second son,

CHARLES ECCLES JP (c1660-1726), of Fintona, County Tyrone, High Sheriff of County Tyrone, 1694, to whom his brother Joseph devised the Fermanagh estates ca 1723, died intestate and administration was granted, 1726, to his son,

DANIEL ECCLES (1692-1750), of Fintona, High Sheriff of County Tyrone, 1720, who wedded, in 1718, Mary, daughter of Thomas Lowry, of Ahenis, County Tyrone, and had issue,
CHARLES, his heir;
Robert, who had the Fermanagh estate;
James Lowry;
Anne; Frances; Mary; Elizabeth; Margaret; Isabella.
Mr Eccles was succeeded by his eldest son,

CHARLES ECCLES (1719-63), of Ecclesville, Fintona, County Tyrone, High Sheriff of County Tyrone, 1746, who espoused Rebecca Anne Stewart, of BAILIEBOROUGH CASTLE, and had issue,
DANIEL, his heir;
John, dsp;
Charles (Rev), drowned at Bath, Somerset.
Mr Eccles was succeeded by his eldest son,

DANIEL ECCLES (1746-1808), of Ecclesville, High Sheriff of County Tyrone, 1772, who married, in 1773, his cousin Anne, daughter of John Dickson, of Ballyshannon, and had issue,
Charles (1777-1807), dvpsp;
JOHN DICKSON, of whom presently;
Gilbert William;
Frances; Anna Rebecca; Mary; Elizabeth Letitia Sarah; Hester.
Mr Eccles was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

JOHN DICKSON ECCLES JP (1783-1830), of Ecclesville, who wedded, in 1810, his cousin Jemima, third daughter of Thomas Dickson, of Woodville, County Leitrim, and had issue,
Daniel, dsp;
CHARLES, his heir;
Thomas Dickson;
James William;
Robert Gilbert (Rev);
Hester Catharine; Anna Jemima; Eliza Frances Wilhelmina.
Mr Eccles was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

CHARLES ECCLES JP DL (1813-69), High Sheriff of County Tyrone, 1835, who wedded, in 1840, Isabella, daughter of Edward Blake JP DL, of Castle Grove, County Galway, and had issue,
JOHN STUART, his heir;
Charles Edward;
Robert Gilbert;
Annie Henrietta; Gertrude Marian; Constance Isabella.
Mr Eccles was succeeded by his eldest son,

JOHN STUART ECCLES DL (1847-86), of Ecclesville, who married, in 1871, Frances Caroline, daughter of Thomas Richardson Browne, of AUGHENTAINE CASTLE, County Tyrone, and had issue,
Charles Raymond, died in infancy;
The eldest daughter,

AMY HENRIETTA ECCLES (1874-1942), of Ecclesville, wedded, in 1893, JOHN KNOX McCLINTOCK JP DL, of SESKINORE, High Sheriff of County Tyrone, 1891, Lieutenant-Colonel, 3rd Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, and had issue,

MISS AMELIA ISOBEL McCLINTOCK (1898-1937), of Seskinore, who espoused firstly, Cecil Rhodes Field; and secondly, Wilfred Heyman Joynson-Wreford, and had issue,


ECCLESVILLE HOUSE, near Fintona, County Tyrone, was a plain, late-Georgian house, formerly the home of Raymond Saville Charles de Montmorency "Tibby" Lecky-Browne-Lecky, actor-musician and female impersonator.

I'm seeking more photographs of Ecclesville prior to its demolition.

Raymond Saville Conolly de Montmorency Lecky-Browne-Lecky, born in 1881, was the son of Conolly William Lecky-Browne-Lecky and Annie Henrietta Eccles.

He died in 1961 aged 80, unmarried, having lived at Ecclesville.

Ecclesville eventually became a nursing home.

The house and its gate lodges were demolished about 1978.

The McClintock of Seskinore website contains much information and illustrations of Ecclesville and the Eccles family.

The Ecclesville demesne was acquired by the Eccles family ca 1668.

The manor house was built in 1703, enlarged in 1795, and further extended in 1825 by John Dickson Eccles.

Fintona Golf Club forms a part of the former demesne; their logo contains the Eccles arms.

Ecclesville equestrian centre also formed part of the demesne.

Photograph of Ecclesville House courtesy of McClintock of Seskinore website.  First published in September, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Where could one obtain more forensic records on the old mullaghmore(seskinore) castle/house in the forest which dates to james perry-not to be confused with the newer dwelling of the mcclintocks

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Do you think that Daniel's date of birth is correct as 1692 - when his father was 90? And who was his mother?

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There are two old photos of Ecclesville House hanging inside the Fintona Golf Club