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1st Duke of Chandos


The very ancient house of BRYDGES deduces its descent from

SIR SIMON DE BRUGGE, of Herefordshire, who flourished in the reign of HENRY III, and who seems to have been a branch of the old Counts de Rethel, in the province of Champagne, France, princes of the first distinction in that kingdom, sprung by various alliances from the House of Charlemagne, and afterwards memorable in the crusades.

In the time of HENRY IV,

THOMAS BRUGGE married Alice, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Berkeley, of Coberley, Gloucestershire, by Margaret, sister and heir of Sir John Chandos (a family of nobles who had held baronial rank since the Conquest), and from this Thomas descended

JOHN BRYDGES (1492-1557), whose name was sometimes spelled Brugge of Bruges, who was elevated to the peerage, in 1554, in the dignity of Baron Chandos, of Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

His lordship was succeeded by his eldest son,

EDMUND, 2nd Baron (c1522-73); from whom descended, in succession, five more Barons; and, at the demise of

WILLIAM, 7th Baron, without issue, in 1676, the barony passed to his cousin,

SIR JAMES BRYDGES, Baronet (1642-1714), as 8th Baron Chandos, of Wilton, as heir of Charles, second son of the 1st Baron.

His lordship was succeeded by his eldest son,

JAMES, 9th Baron (1673-1744), who was created, in 1714, Viscount Wilton and Earl of Carnarvon.

His lordship was further advanced to the dignities of a marquessate and dukedom, in 1719, as Marquess of Carnarvon and DUKE OF CHANDOS.

1st Duke of Chandos. Michael Dahl ~ Berger Collection

His Grace married firstly, in 1695, Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Lake, and had issue,
John (1703-27);
HENRY, his successor.
He wedded secondly, 1713, Cassandra, daughter of Francis Willoughby; and thirdly, in 1736, Lydia Catherine, daughter of John Van Hatten.

His Grace was succeeded by his younger son,

HENRY, 2nd Duke, KB (1708-71), who wedded, in 1728, Mary, daughter of Charles, 4th Earl of Elgin, and had issue,
JAMES, his successor;
His Grace married secondly, 1744, Anne Wells; and thirdly, in 1767, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Major Bt.

The 2nd Duke was succeeded by his son,

JAMES, 3rd Duke (1731-89), who wedded firstly, in 1753, Margaret, daughter of John Nicol; and secondly, in 1777, Anne Eliza, daughter of John Gamon, and had issue,

THE LADY ANNE ELIZABETH BRYDGES, who married Richard, 1st Duke of Buckingham & Chandos.

Following the decease of the 3rd Duke, without male issue, the dukedom expired.

Former seat ~ Stowe House, Buckinghamshire.
Former London Residence ~ Chandos House, London.

First published in August, 2017.

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