Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ballygawley Park: 1914

Photo credit © Kenneth Allen

I have received a most fascinating message from Nick Stewart, a son of Sir Hugh Stewart, 6th Baronet.

Sir Hugh (1897-1994) was a major in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, High Sheriff, 1955, and a DL for County Tyrone in 1971.

At that time, Sir Hugh lived at Loughmacrory Lodge in Carrickmore.

Photo credit © Kenneth Allen

I have written about Ballygawley House and the Stewart Baronets of Athenree here.

Nick, whose half-brother is the present Baronet, has kindly sent me two old photographs of Ballygawley House taken by Sir Hugh in the winter of 1914.

The demesne was occasionally known as the Greenhill Estate.

Colour images courtesy of Kenneth Allen.   First published in April, 2012.


Anonymous said...

That's very good of him to send the pictures. I wonder if he has any more history on the place?

Dave in South Australia said...

Were the Stewarts of Ballygawley House related ti the Stewart who promoted ans set up the settlement of Kati-Kati in New Zealand? There was BBC N Ireland programme about this some time ago I believe.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Dave,

Yes, I seem to recall somebody else brought that to my attention. I've a feeling the Kati-Kati Stewart was of the same stock.