Thursday, 29 May 2014

The French Rooms

I motored into the beautiful village of Bushmills, County Antrim, this morning. Disappointingly, Causeway Books has closed down, apparently in September, 2013.

Nevertheless, I grabbed the chance to buy a half pound of my favourite fruit pastilles, viz. Lion Brand, in a little confectioner's at the Diamond.

There is a relatively new café restaurant in the village called The French Rooms; and since I fancied a coffee, I darkened the threshold.

This is a charming place, tastefully decorated, with a real fire burning brightly in the rear room.

I sat at the fire, took off the coat, and made myself comfortable, whilst perusing the all-day menu, the dinner and Sunday lunch menus.

I ordered the lemon and poppyseed scone and an Americana.

This arrived promptly. The scone had obviously been baked this morning, because it was so fresh that it came apart when I cut into it.

Everything was smartly presented: jam, whipped cream, butter, sugar cubes, all in their own little receptacles.

I chatted to the proprietor, a lovely lady who talked to me about Portumna Castle and Ashford.

Later another couple arrived, from Limavady. We established a rapport and I had another good chat with them.

I'm sorely tempted to dine at The French Rooms soon. I gather it is licensed.

Unfortunately I can't transfer photos from my Canon camera to the iPad, so next time I'll bring the iPad along.

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Anonymous said...

We too have visited The French Rooms. We had lunch and it was very enjoyable.