Saturday, 13 November 2021

Ulster: A Journey

Serendipity is "the gift for finding valuable objects of art etc by chance", according to my trusty Nuttall's dictionary.

In this case, it was a modest, second-hand paperback book: Ulster: A Journey Through The Six Counties, by Robin Bryans.

We were staying at a hotel in Puerto Pollensa, Majorca, in 2004.

In the residents' lounge there was a shelf containing magazines and books which other residents weren't taking home with them, and I discovered this wonderful little paperback.

Its origin was the Norfolk County Library, of all places!

It was dated the 10th January, 1992, and stamped "Withdrawn For Sale, 30p."

This isn't  really a guidebook: it's an anecdotal travel book, the author's personal and intimate journey through some exceptionally interesting parts of the Province.

Bryans had a wonderful way with words, to the extent that much of his prose sounds poetic in its composition, if that's not a contradiction in itself.

It was first published in 1964, though this edition was dated 1989.

First published in March, 2010.


Rex Hunter said...

I think the cover is loosely based on the view down to Trassey Bridge in the Mournes from the main road out of Newcastle, not far past Tollymore. What about some extracts : your favourite bits ?

Rex Hunter said...

have just found a website dedicated to Robin Bryans ! A.k.a Robert Harbinson, his dates are 1928 - 2005 and he led a very varied and adventurous life. An East Belfast man originally ( like so many distinguished figures )

Anonymous said...

I bought a greetings card produced by the Ulster Museum recently which looked rather like this front cover - but it was of a scene in the Glens of Antrim by Romeo Toogood. It's been sent to Brisbane or I would compare the two!

Dixiedeano said...

Funny enough, I have looked at the cover picture and to be honest, I cannot see the resemblence of the Trassey track at all. I know the Mournes quite well as i used to be a outdoor pursuits instructor as well as a qualified mountain leader based in the Mourne mountains and I know these mountains like the 'back of my hand'